Arise was established in 1999 and was acquired by ADEC Innovations in July 2021. Headquartered in Limerick, Arise was originally formed following an MBO of the remaining business of AST Ireland led by Joe Cahalane who along with Ger Burke founded Arise.

From the outset Arise has provided both outsourcing services which included Customer Care, Technical support and Repair services as a key supplier to AST and later to Samsung in a multilingual environment. Arise subsequently developed a reverse logistics division becoming a key supplier to Dell Manufacturing in both Limerick and in the US running the test labs for manufacturing.

The company is based in Limerick, and is part of the ADEC Innovations 4,000+ employee base with a network of 20 sites in 17 countries covering 6 continents. Arise primarily provides outsource services including Customer Care Support, Back Office Administration Support, Outbound services, Technical support, design and development of customised Customer Management systems and Business Intelligent Tools.

Arise serves a range of key industries from technology to telecommunications, consumer electronics to Retail & e-Commerce to Government & Public sector, both in Ireland, across Europe and North America markets.

Arise pride themselves on their recruitment procedure, hiring the very best members to join the existing Arise Team of highly skilled staff, hands-on management style, who allow clients to interact with their customers when and where their customers need them, over the phone, by text, email or on the web, delivered as a tailored solution for each clients’ specific business needs.

Arise Vision

Be the brand leader in Quality, Values & Flexibility for Business Process Outsource service provider in domestic and international markets.

Our Mission

Our customers and their needs are the sole reason for our existence. We develop Smart, Lean and Flexible solutions to provide our customers with Superior Quality Products and Services. Our customer’s total requirements (stated and latent needs) are at the centre of our business partnerships – designed to build value on a continuous basis for all stakeholders.

Our Values

Innovation: ARISE exists to bring value to its business partnerships on a continuous basis.

Respect: ARISE values the unique and varied talents inherent in our diverse workforce

Visibility: ARISE operates where each step in a process is available for continuous review

Quality: ARISE demands high standards as the key ingredient to our success

Velocity: ARISE has a strong focus on the velocity of all its processes.

Arise Quality Accreditation

Arise are delighted to hold the ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management Systems) and IS EN 15838:2009 (Customer Contact Centres) accreditations.

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Interested in Arise?

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