What Our Employees Say

Having worked in Arise for over 8 years I have found the atmosphere very good. I started working as an agent on the phone and over time have been able to utilise the skills I had acquired from previous jobs to expand my role and move on to others. When needed there was always a sympathetic ear to listen to any concerns I had or any issues I was having, while the work always needed to be done, Arise has always ensured that that my well-being as a person was attended to as well. My experience has been very positive and over the years seen many people start and progress with their roles over time, always ensuring that the skills match the role ensuring that the person is set up for success. It is always put forward that we here work as a team and as the team gets stronger, the company benefits as well. The company is never put above any person’s individual needs, but rather ensures that all are met. It is a tricky thing to balance, but if you do your job, work hard and want to succeed and progress, there are very few companies better at it than Arise. They value the work/home balance that all have to deal with on a daily basis and want to ensure that it is met, therefore the person can concentrate on the job that is needed to be done and not worrying about other things. Not only does the company want to grow and become stronger, they want the individuals working here to do the same.
John Terranova

Team Leader, Arise

I began working in Arise in March 2014. From the day I started I’ve always felt welcome. The management are second to none and really endeavour to make Arise a wonderful place for an employee to work and the atmosphere amongst the staff is great. We all get on very well and that’s testament to the motivating and friendly environment.
Sofian Tlili

Agent, Arise

As a new employee I have found that everyone at Arise is very easy and helpful to talk. Arise has a very friendly and comfortable working environment. In Arise you get to speak to many different people and when you help them you get great satisfaction from getting their problem fixed. From day 1 in the company I have felt very welcome and that the company cares about it’s employees. In Arise I have found a company that gives me a job that is not just comfortable but great jobs satisfaction.
Martin Dowling

Agent, Arise

Arise delivers new experiences everyday which are exciting, challenging and interesting and assist in driving career opportunities my way. My colleagues are strong, enthusiastic people who are always striving to do their best. It is an absolute pleasure to work with such a friendly and supportive team.
James Taylor

Agent, Arise

Working for Arise has given me the chance to work with some amazing people, do a great job and get some of the best training I have ever received. College life was not for me but Arise gave me the opportunity to show my skills in customer services and in a very technical way. Being able to be flexible and have work you can rely on is all anyone wants and here at Arise I am part of not only a team but a truly great friendships. For that I say thank you to Arise.
Eoin Vaughan

Agent, Arise

I have been working for Arise for 4 years and have progressed through the ranks from agent to Supervisor. My time in Arise has been invaluable in developing my career in a fast paced environment. My fellow supervisors and management staff have always been a pleasure to work with. For the agents it’s the little things that matter. The Management without fail organises Christmas hampers, Easter eggs, and an ice-cream van on the hottest day during the summer.
Paul Mulcahy

Team Leader, Arise

Working in a company like Arise has allowed me to develop as an agent and face new challenges with continual support & guidance from management and staff alike.
Sinead Stapleton

Agent, Arise

I have been with Arise for only 8 months now and already I have been given some great opportunities to progress through the company and gain experience in various departments. I have met some fantastic people and made some great friends, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere along with brilliant staff that are always willing to help make Arise a very enjoyable place to work.
Bobby Mian

Agent, Arise

I find working for Arise extremely satisfiying. The long term staff that are here go out of their way to make new staff feel welcome. The H.R. department are extremely good in organising events to lift the employee spirit in the workplace. Particularly around Christmas time, the atmosphere was lovely in the call centre. The management are also very friendly and approachable, I feel comfortable coming to them with any issues I may have. The fact also that our employee voice is heard and improvements are made in accordance with our concerns is extremely empowering. Every week new polices and procedures aid us to do the best job for customers.
Rebecca Kearns

Agent, Arise

I have learned a lot during my time working with Arise. From day one, all of the people here have been very welcoming and above all, very helpful. Not only has working in Arise given me the opportunity to progress, but has given me invaluable experience also.
Shane Fowler

Agent, Arise

Arise has given me great opportunities since I started working here in 2007. From working on the Perlico account providing Technical Support I then got the chance to work in the Dell Verification Lab up to 2010. This work in the verification lab was varied and involved working with many different people at different levels through companies as varied as Sony, Samsung and Dell.

This experience stood me well when the Pelico account returned in Jan 2010, as the skills I gained in account management and reporting were transferrable. For a period I then worked on the lines providing support for Perlico, then Vodafone iPhone and VFAH using any opportunity to display the skills I had learnt over the previous years. As the VFAH account grew the opportunities for advancement grew, I successfully became a WFM and Reporting analyst and as the opportunities have continued I have progressed to become the WFM,Reporting and Insights manager.

The work is varied and fast paced and draws upon all corners of my experience, every day here is different and interesting in its own right. I work with a great team of people and continue to learn from my interactions with them and the experience that they bring to Arise. Arise has given me the opportunities to grow, so that when opportunities to advance have come along I have been able to go for and achieve them here.

Mike Lynch

Workforce Management, Arise

I find the working environment in Arise highly positive with all areas of management very approachable. I have gained invaluable experience in many areas of the business during my time here.
Yvonne Halvey

Senior Agent, Arise

Our People


Our success stems from the inputs of our people. It is their commitment, energy and determination that enable our accomplishments. We expect our people to be hardworking and loyal, to act with integrity and to demonstrate a passion for excellence in customer service. In turn, we commit to treating all of our people with honesty and respect and to providing a friendly, safe and positive work environment that supports personal and professional development.


Our policy is that all recruitment and selection activity at Arise meets with the following minimum requirements:

  • Fairness, transparency & openness
  • Advocating of equal opportunity
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Optimises our ability to call upon the widest possible range of knowledge, skills and experience

We are an equal opportunities employer who firmly believes in acting with ethics and honesty in all of our dealings with people. Access to employment opportunities is based solely on individuals’ suitability to a position.


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